понедељак, мај 21, 2007

About me

Yes, you are on my private WEB CORNER www.cyberpoetica.blogspot.com

Dear ALL :-)

(oops, I did it again!)

I am Cybernaut, for real. Miss Cybernaut, let's say a journalist envolved in market deeper insight, but frankly: almost very geek-girl considering wearing Hello Kitty pyjamas and Blogger t-shirts, and spending some time on web...I mean every f***ing day.

Why I am blogging? Ive started when I felt great and very urgent neeed for change!
I gave myself a support in best manner of cyberia - I've runned this cute little website.

About a blog title: "Cyber", you all know what is the meaning; "poetica" stands for skill (greek), especially for poetry skill (Greeks, according to Aristoteles, considered poems as a natural outcome of ~ gift combined with skill )

So...Instead of changing my hair colour or such short term rubbishness, I started to share my life and my dreams (at least, what has left of them) on web.
My happy corner is at www.cyberpoetica.blogspot.com.........and from time to time I write in English (Okay, I did make it a bit global :-)

This is my skyline. Enjoy.
Should you have any comments, don't hesitate to publish 'em! Or to speak up here!


Strictly allowed:Google and the Meaning of NJA!


The truth is: I don't read online stuff where I can not post a comment: if they are not interested in me, I really dont care about what they want to tell me / sell me. (Yes, I know what this sounds like!!! )
So I stand up for all the good things globalisation and new trends can bring into our lifes (indeed, if set properly)

Untill it all comes true, pls consider me a bit of a geek girl :-)

....and consider some tail waving that makes you feel you just have to drop a comment. Nja.

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