петак, мај 25, 2007

REVOLUTION: make it simple and - global

Da li znate da ima 100 miliona onih koji životare po straćarama, bez krova nad glavom?

Da li znate da je to jedan od 7 stanovnika planete?

Jedan od Milenijumskih ciljeva Ujedinjenih Nacija je da se poboljšaju i unaprede životi ovih ljudi i da ih do 2020. godine bude jedan od tri.

Rok je - 2015. godina, a ovakav cilj zahteva dubinsku promenu pristupa: niko ništa ne može sam.

Zašto ovo pričam - zbog mog današnjeg članka u Politikinom dodatku Nekretnine, (linkovano s desna, takodje) Krizne zone & arhitektura za čovečanstvo

Recept je, naravno, globalan i jednostavan!

I, konačno, zašto uopšte postoje mreže i čemu, između ostalog, služi NETWORKING:

Open Architecture Network je onlajn zajednica gde arhitekte, inžinjeri i planeri sa bilo kog kraja sveta mogu da izlože svoje projekte i o njima diskutuju, i to počev od nacrta za privremenu školu u Južnoj Africi do prenosnih skloništa za beskućnike na Filipinima.
Cilj ove open–source platforme je da „ukloni barijere poboljšanju, distribuciji i implementiranju dobro dizajniranih rešenja” kao i da „osigura da inovativna i održiva, rešenja dođu do zajednica kojima su potrebna, i što je najvažnije, da dobiju krov nad glavom kojim mogu da se ponose”.
www.openarchitecturenetwork.org je adresa na kojoj možete videti o čemu se radi.

As I completely agree with my JCI friends from Xing (lets say: platform I am addicted to), I stand for SIMPLE AND GLOBAL solutions ;-)

Yet another platform, some might say, but it fits well in my personal mission - to make things easier to operate and to raise level of responsibility in all fields.

Call me naive, but that is what I find WEB 2.0 and neworking leverage is about.

In order to bring it into my native people and my counry which suffered a lot and suffers still (just to mention Kosovo and Metihija IS part of Serbia), I have writen an article about intiative of Open Architecture Network. Its published in todays issue of Politika Newspapers and Magazines Architecture for mankind, article published today

(Because from time to time my articles vanish from site archive on Politika online,
I will put on this blog whole article, in Serbian, soon, I promise!)

About Open Architecture Network : One billion people live in abject poverty. Four billion live in fragile but growing economies. One in seven people live in slum settlements. By 2020 it will be one in three. We don't need to choose between architecture or revolution. What we need is an architectural revolution.

The U.N. Millennium Development Goals aim to "achieve improvement in the lives of 100 million slum dwellers by the year 2015." Reaching this goal will require a profoundly new approach to improving the built environment.

The Open Architecture Network aims to be just such a catalyst for change.

Far from replacing the traditional architect, the goal of the network is to allow designers to work together in a whole new way, a way that enables 5 billion potential clients to access their skills and expertise.
The network has a simple mission: to generate not one idea but the hundreds of thousands of design ideas needed to improve living conditions for all.


"Architecture or Revolution. Revolution can be avoided."

Le Corbusier, Vers une Architecture,

Le Corbusier had it all wrong. Let the revolution begin.

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PeckoPivo је рекао...

you`re a great journalist and you should be awarded for efforts... too bad that newspapers (politika included) don`t see that daily politics is not what matters in journalism... and how journalism may actually help efforts of people that actually want to help our planet... unlike politicians who get all the media attention...
ahhh, we live in a screwed up world...

anyways, great work and please continue surprising us - enthusiasts - with these great stories.

JJ је рекао...

If there are more proactive readers like you, market would have different facetes...
As far as I am concerned, REAL LIFE is not about daily political issues, and rest of short term rubbish.

Real life IS about loans, mortages, better work condition, helping others, netWeaving, and enthusiasm we all bear into our families, into work places, into boardrooms, wherever...
ThanX 4 understanding and supporting me!