уторак, август 21, 2007

some nice stuff and some evil me :)

My dear friend told me yesterday his experience is that all humans will relegate themselves to the gutter and prey on the weakest given enough incentive.

Ah, that's also a nasty thing that mean people do when retiring , leave 'grenades' behind.

The only option, he proceeded, you have is to create a scene that makes your boss lose credibility... like blaming you in public for something you have not done [ but obviously made to look as though you did it ]

For example, start a whisper campaign against her.. 'i do admire her courage for battling with alcohol and drugs , she must be so strong ' mmmm...

Or: I heard a rumour from accounts that she cheated with her expenses, but they are letting her off because she is retiring ' hahaha...

Or: Buy her a really cheap bottle of vodka as a leaving present wrapped in clear plastic , leave it on her desk '' From ALL of US ''
can you use photoshop?
get a photo of her and change it to show her picking her nose , that's disgusting.
Or one of her at her desk and photoshop a bottle and a glass onto it:-)
The classic is to get one where the subject is about to shake hands with 'someone' and photoshop a wad of money into the outstretched hands.

(been there seen it and have the T-shirt)

Then my friend told me about real psychology of naughtiness - how to be wicked in a nice way:
One 'boss' was on my case because his girlfriend 'liked' me..so every chance I would figure out a way to let a tire down on his car ... lasted for months... I sometimes offered to help him change the tire.
Absolutely , he went insane to catch the tire bastard and forgot about me.

So I rebelled: but playing dirty is not part of my mission!

My dear friend: True , but make you feel good to know that there are options, you just happen to be too nice to take advantage of her ... Makes you a better person