субота, март 15, 2014

I love #Anonymous

среда, март 12, 2014

Pirate MEP Engström: Edward Snowden is our hero (subtitles in English)

One of the things we will vote upon tomorrow is whether we shall encourage the governments of Europe to offer Edward Snowden protection and asylum. I ask all my colleagues to support that demand. Edward Snowden is a hero. He has revealed a gigantic spy-system that goes beyond what George Orwell could imagine in his worst nightmares.

It has never ever stopped a single terrorist-attack, but it costs billions and it violates our human rights. It is not acceptable. USA should be our friend, not our big brother.

Mass surveillance is not anything that protects our democratic society, it is a direct threat towards it.

Edward Snowden is a hero and it is not only our obligation to give him asylum and protection. It would be an honor.

Members of European Parliament this afternoon in the plenary...We are all #Snowden!