среда, фебруар 28, 2007

Inner City Life & Inner City Pressure

Where am I theese days..my name is what?


In past few days I spent lot of my spare time contemplating...even I had totaly eXlusive serie of conversation with Franklin Covey Srbija founder, and with representative line-up of Covey-s believers (7 articles, interwievs with greatest business leaders in Serbia, were published in Serbian daily newspapers Politika, during January and February )...I think that I there is one more thing to do before I move one.

And this is where life begins to be ...heh...let's say - oracled enough!
15 years ago I met some strange fellow with long blond hair, flowers and all those hippy stuff wandering around the center of that tiny town near the
Fruska Gora where I grew up.

Strange fellow was smiling and acted friendly. From time to time I saw him speaking with citizens. Seemed like random action. Seemed like he fell from sky, or from Holland, or...wherever people are blond and funny looking!

But, those were the days everything was possible - whole country suffered from economic embargo from EU and the rest of world. Like some Cuban people today, we were cheery and tended to be happy, even we had less money than ever!
Never the less, fellow suddnenly came up in front of me and gave me kind of script.
It was ordinary peace of paper, but with neat handwritting, like girls, not boys do!

An ancient zen-rule was written down:
Mankind often act like a classter of bees. Stand still, and they won't bite you.

Fellow actually came from Novi Sad, it was obvious when he spoke.
He just asked for my name, and in the next moment he was gone with the wind!

I was 14 then. And now I realise full meaning of stand-still-rule.
It is more or less a habit we practice here, in journalism: while adrenalin rush is on, and while everyone tends to lose their minds, the best attidude is to find peace inside ourself, inside your unique being.
We all have that quiet place of piece and grattitude within. Keeping inner circle of faith and stillnes that never goes by is the most important habit for me!
Because this is a tough times, transition happens in all spheres of humans spirit, in economy, aims, minds, ethics, polithics, arts, society, media...metamorphosis.

So I practice this new vogue: stillnes in time. Stillnes comes from satisfaction within ourselves, stillnes which is involved with strong beliefs, and the sweetest one - stillnes wired around every-day-web-time...well, web is my sanctuary; although I dont have a silicon soul or anything integrated with my brain processes physically)

So, I am standing still.

Just like in hymn of ours previous state named Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ) - we are standing still like a (guess what?) - grand canyons :)

(See how it goes in Serbian: mi stoji-mo po-stoja-no ka-no kliiii-suuu-riiii-ne! Senseless, but in English ...LOL )

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