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Generation X tips: Motivate your staff

or: if its not fun, why should we do it?! :)
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People learn in a variety of ways, but regardless of the method, the first condition of learning is that the person must be motivated to learn. The learner must feel the need to learn what is being taught.
Most staff is not motivated to do a good job and want to be able to perform their tasks correctly. Their motivation is being able to perform their job to standards in return for money, other benefits, challenges and job satisfaction.
Why not include some fun into it?!

Here is why you should embrace new techologies into everyday practice....
Speaking of job and hard work, correct me if I am wrong, but I dont get it / why should anyone do something which is not amusing even from time to time?

Geek guerilla I was run into (spekaing of PC press magazine redaction) is perhaps one of theh best thing happen recently in my RL (Real Life).
This is part of a mouse-session....of course, mouses are important for the neXt shopping fever maraton that is about to come... I am just a background, a lovely wallpaper-like item, and I am happy :)

Huh...looks better then in Playboy, hm? lol

Lets go geeky!

SAITEK mouses & Miss Cybernaut. Gal deals with them, and wins. Lives happily ever after, hooray!
Does a descent gal need more?? Its a pink, its cheerful, its nice. All over me - mouses - massive action! More info available in PC press magazine for November 2007 ;)

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Sasa је рекао...

hohohoho mačka se igra sa misonjama :)))))) vidi se da te vole...

Jelena Jovanovic је рекао...

mac mac daaa :) mnogo zanimljivo bilo u redakciji PC press