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Q & A : Miss Cybernaut

One of these rainy days when I was surfing XING forums searching for inspiration, I received question which made me think how Miss Cybernaut became: Miss Cybernaut. Here is my two cents about funny name I have - I decided to call myself Cybernaut at the very first moment of thinking about blogging.
I had that idea in my mind for years...because of some musicians here in Belgrade that made name for themselves in simmilar way, they were SUPERNAUT.

Once I met leader of the band SUPERNAUT in a kind of "the worst toilet in Scotland" (if you saw TRAINSPOTTING movie, then you know what kind of toilet is that, and lol ) and we exchanged ...well, lets say - few polite sentences.
Conversation went like this:

I said to Supernaut curley-hair-orange-man: "oh, I know you from somewhere...oh, yep, you are SUPERNAUT. Arent you?"

Then he said something that was cachy at a glance, word playing sentence "Supernaut, SuperStar...super..What??"

(...do I have to mention clubbing in 90s was so....whatsoever more exciting then now? And much more underground also :)

Years went by, I grown up meanwhile and connected to few forums and web sites for social networking, at the beginig mostly for business purposes (I was reporting on dating web sites in 2003 year, with DOs and DONTs for our female readers :) Indeed, I had to join one platform and to see and feel what that people see and feel in order to write about it correctly. It was my first little serial of articles, in July 2003 ;) ...but hey, I surfed different platforms also for leisure and information flow I needed as a journalist (I still do..its infectious, especially if your job position demands to keep in touch with everything new and outstanding :)

So, few years after that... hmm...a bit of karma-coma meeting in Cinema Rex toilet I figured I can compose word CYBERNAUT and stay meaningfull. Subconciously, just did it.

Its even in the Urban Dictionary:define your world you can find it on web, try it :)

As for T. Leary, I just googled it and pasted it in About me section on XING platform, seemed appropriate, especiallymentioning Nikola Tesla who is Serbian One just like me....

As for Miss...lol

Please, dont ask me why this mutant-blog is sooo mutant. Serglish (Serbian mixed with English) simply does the job!

I am very looking forward to hear stories from Serbian and EU bloggers on BlogOpen, Balkan Blog Festival that is about to start!!

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