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Love in Transition


Gde je vaš udeo u bruto nacionalnoj sreći?
Čitam ovaj sjajan tekst ex-glodura Politike, i sve se mislim...pa ko od nas ima dovoljno ljubavi u svom životu?
Kaže MM, nema u nas još sistema ali barem je glavni krug ludila je iza nas. U ovaj deo sveta se, čini mu se, vratio se razum.
Sve razumem! I sama tako razmišljam, kao drug-član biblioteke: neka našoj Srbiji bude dobro, pa će i meni :-))
Jedino...heh, jedino što se bruto nacionalna ljubav uvećava tako što se dižu, holistički, pojedinačni neto emotivni računi!
Blago proaktivnima jer njihovo je...sve!

Danas se na forumu jedan žalio, kaže čovek:
"Imam sve. Sve. Fali mi zagrljaj"

Prevodim tekst, vredi.

Love in Age of Transition

Gathering the Government that already last for too long, fight for Kosovo status, mistery of money taken away to Cyprus, bachelor degrees that can be bought nowdays, wrestling with Haag...All the important topics and important news, aint it?
Historical boostings and daily political plots, the chronicle of transition, in which everything is in the move tending to stay away from what happened before, and to approach to what is wanted, but still uncertain and unsure...Our ever-day-life exists in that vortex, our happines and our unhappiness, our hopes, doubts, concerns...Our wishes, plans, expectations, and - our love exists in this surrounding.

How this fits in personal life?
Even if we are not interested in politics, politics is interested in us. And final criteria for every politics is the way people are living their life.
Have we properly understood that nothing is like it was before, and that most of things actually depend on us?
It is individual, not a collective enterprise. How do we fit in?
Is there enough of the most human affair for everyone of us: is there enough love in your life?

It is not a common question, and it is not usual to ask such thing: intimacy simply is not for a public debate.
But, in first place we ARE occupied with personal, and then with - universal issues.
Ambition for happines is born-given, but happines is never achieved: there is always a next step.
Happines is, also, not a happines if we don't share it with someone: a partner, children, brother or sister, boyfirend or girlfriend...with someone we care about and we believe he/she cares about us!

If we are realistic, than we should admit that the main circle of madness is behind us, in this corner of the Earth - ratio has come back!
Things are not yet as we want them to be, and as we expected them to be, but here we are: we don't do everything we can.

We are not either the best, or the most effective, as a society in order to enlarge brutto national happiness and to upgrade every single netto success.
But, frankly, we are not too far away from traumas of historical breakings. Too often around us are thrilling testimonies, stories about accidents we witnessed or, worse: were victims of.
Even if we put it aside for a moment, we still are overflowed with stories about violence, threats, conflicts, and missunderstanding.

In this type of conditioning, LOVE must be - a collateral damage.
To love and to be loved, to share, to plan, build and empower, to help someone to grow, raise and shine - is too complicated and much harder, specially if there is not enough material welness, if there is not enough jobs for everyone who seek for, if there is not enough perspective for gifted, if there is not enough stimulation for enterpreuners.
Let me put it this way: if there is no articulated system of values, or faith in personal power and abillities, if there is no collective self-confidence in strenths and capability, in tolerance and understanding: if we don't understand the world, and the world doesnt understand us.

Again, there is no perfectly ballanced society on our planet. But, most of
people we comparing with seem to have a little bit more harmony in their wants and haves, in what they expect and think is possible.

Further more: still 75 % of young Serbian people, according to press, don't leave parents' house even when are 30 years old! On the other side, westerns do appart from their parents when they are 18!
It is called a prolonged childhood, and is more and more often in Serbia: financial crisis, emotional dependency a hard job seeking process, is serving its cause.

„To get some independency and to make a family is much harder than ever...Well, f***k it, we live in hard times and in a mad society”, wrote someome on web forum once, on a topic featuring marriage and family.

„Nowdays, people run into marriage just to try if they are able to do it, not with a strong will to succeed, as it was happening before”, said other forum member.

Every day there are more and more „safe houses for victims of family violence” in Serbia. It must be an indicator that something is really wrong!
More than on other places on Earth, there is violence among all of us. Crisis of marriage as a social concept is not just our phenomenon...
But: europian record in unemployment rate which Serbia holds (!) must be recognised as really significant trend-driver!

It is not ideal time for LOVE. But, it never was. Neither it will be.
Hold on to your beliefs, and to your love, and award will come!
Every single one of us is a shift-starter for what we want to make real around self! If we are destined to keep fighting and to love costantly, then we should be more carefull when choosing for what we will strife for (or against what or whom we will fight) and - who to love.

By Milan Mišić - published in Politika, March 18th.


There actually exist ballanced societies on our planet. Look for MERITOCRACY in Wikipedia. People ARE practicing 7 habits on other meridians! And live happily.

And...what would Stephen Covey say if he saw this?„I've seen whole cultures transformed!” (tommorow I'll bring on a blogger a full Covey's sentence, just need to find it among my paperworks on the tea-table :-)

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Bojan је рекао...

Danas se na forumu jedan žalio, kaže čovek:
"Imam sve. Sve. Fali mi zagrljaj"

Au. Šta će biti kada sazna da je to sve, koje misli da ima u stvari - ništa?

Miss Cybernaut је рекао...

...comments on site were dissapointing.

I have to say this: If you see nickname Miss Cybernaut as a nickname on site PNM, specially if it is without a propper blog adress, be aware it is NOT mine post.

First of all, because moderator did not do a good job - first he / she ( I suppose it is „she” ) stopped publishing one of my comments.
And then gave the answer on unpublished comment!

On the other topic, started flaming: this is what no moderator should EVER do.

Meanwhile, 2 very problematic theses emerged:

1. According to flamer, not to stick to the throught in jounalism seems ok if someone famous is married to the subject of article! (this was a metatext)

2. Reading newspapers dont make people better. Newspapers actually dont even count on some influence!
Question: then why do newspapers exist?
Not sharing a knowledge leads to less and less profit...and, also, to less costumers, and less advertisers...
Who wants to buy half-boiled information?

How low...

Анониман је рекао...

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