среда, јул 23, 2008

WTF: human quantum energy guru?

...I just cant stop laughing all day along, actually when I first saw Mr. Karadzic (wartime leader, Bosnian Serb) was arrested yesterday.
First of all, RK is not important at all. If all this stuff happened few years ago, it could make sense, but NOW its more about kind of totally deviant comedy for online nation. As usual…

RK was hiding. On a such a secret place – New Belgrade :lol:

He is not the first to spend a decade undercovered – only our Tibetan guru, man in black with pony tail and strange clothes, cannot compare with Slovakian intelligence guy Ivan Lexa whose transformation went from evil old man, to handsome 50-something.

Can anyone imagine that instead of next step - Ratko Mladic suddenly appears George Clooney? Well, it was like that!

Check the photos for yourself.
1. Evil & fat
2. Honey lol

For the moment, we know RK was a kind of spiritual consultant with false name David Dabic. guru's WEBSITE

He developed DAVID WELLBEING PROGRAM as well as anti- stress program for managers and many other creepy stuff, RK launched website where he was selling amulets and services, allowing literary anyone to contact him via email (he had 6 emails) or phone (2 mobile phone numbers are published on website).

Even more – he was working as a freelance journalist writing editorials for magazine “Healthy life” (“Zdrav zivot”). Some stuff about praying and meditation….weird. And he was taking usual city bus every day!

PHOTO GALLERY (scroll down...)

At the end, seems RK wasn’t hiding at all…no one was after him, why should he?

If I am dreaming, don’t wake me! :-)

If I have found him, I would give away all that money for charity...

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