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„We got to believe that next generation of humans will learn from their mistakes. We have to believe future is what we make it!”

Dunan Newt, female manga warior
Appleseed (original title: Appurushido), by Shinji Aramaki

On the surface, everything is calm….no, I am not quoting Ban Kee Moon regarding Kosovo situation.
Given time, sustainable status quo on Erath where everyone is fighting everyone is about to be disrupted - in manga cartoon titled Appleseed.
Movie about future and world wars, one after another, without clear idea what we are fighting for, and with futuristic city called Olimpys where half of citizens are Bioroids, advanced form of human genetics with surpressed emotions - no anger, no jealousy, no oscillations and irrational decisions. Love can be felt, but as ability for reproduction is missing, those Bioroids are almost perfect.

“As long as human beings are being irrational, there will be wars”, sad one of the 7 Elders, masters of n Utopia City Olimpys.

I strongly encourage you to get this movie, and to attempt to feel what we, who are reading SF books and, think and feel about this time & space we are in.

Recently I got a letter form friend who lives in North part of country (thats where I grew up!), and she came up with this statement.

“Sometimes, I feel like an alien. It must be the case with all SF readers, never stop to ask myself can’t we as a nation and human race be a little bit better?!”

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Terminus је рекао...

Ergo Proxy, obavezno nadji. :) Ako volis distopiju, zapadnu i prozapadnu filosofiju, te pseudo - hronomcijske zavrzlame, sa primesama noir - a, deficitarni koloritet... Nadji Ergo Proxy, 23 epizode.

JJpress је рекао...

daa......! Upravo.
23 epizode da nadjem? Jel kod pirata, ili...?
Jel imas ti to?

Terminus је рекао...

I'am drugi disk, ili prvi, nisam siguran... Ne znam da li ima na torre nt - u, a ne znam ni tvoj stav povodom istih. Sumnjam da ima da se kupi original, s obzirom na komercijalni neuspeh serije. :/:)

Miss Cybernaut (freestyle insights) је рекао...

dobro, onda da znam sta trazim!